Saturday, December 24, 2011

You're Better Than This Germany - A Shameless Plug


  1. How the mighty have fallen, very true.
    Also, merry Christmas, but I'll wait for your post on that to properly wish it.

  2. There is credible evidence that Angela Merkel
    was an agent of the KGB. Her husband is also highly suspicious.

    She is a key player of the New World Order :
    that's why she is in power. Nothing else.

    What a rude woman, too, appearing in a very casual pant outfit to meet Pope Benedict.
    It seemed to many as a deliberate putdown.

    Look at her cruel expression.

    Kaiser Wilhelm wins, no contest !

  3. Most of the current crop of EU elites were part of the Bolshevik club. Barroso was a member of the Communist Party, the so-called "Baroness" Ashton worked for the CND that was Soviet-funded and the list goes on and on and pretty much anyone who wasn't involved with the Reds in some way is simply a powerless stooge.

  4. Aha...I hadn't known about those others.

    In fact, I was just reading about how
    the Communist Generals [ostensibly] ruling Afghanistan
    til 1989 when the Soviet Army left
    all completely changed their colors.
    They dropped their red sickle emblems and reappeared as pious men of faith
    in a bid to gain acceptance from the virulently anti-Communist Afghan people.

    So this tactic of hasty cover-up of a Communist background is likely an almost universal practice among these spineless traitors, to both God and country.

    An entire study could be conducted on this sad phenomenon.


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