Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Favorite Royal Images: The Mad Tsar

The much maligned Tsar Paul I. I do love that hat!


  1. He was the one who liked Napoleon, so I do quite like him. Shame about his assassination.

  2. Do you have a profile about him? I'd like to know more about that guy, particularly his relationships with his mother and what got him assassinated and all.

  3. I don't yet but I hope to get to him at some point -he's one that has always interested me.

    He did accept Napoleon for restoring order to France but I don't think that would have lasted when he started replacing reigning monarchs with his own relatives. He only fell out with the Allies when they starting taking liberated lands for themselves instead of restoring the former monarchs. My favorite though was that he was so furious about the British not giving Malta back to the Knights of St John that he ordered an invasion of India!

  4. Ah yes I've heard that one about him invading India, but it never got into fruition? Russia certainly had the power to do so, since it encompasses a huge portion of Asia.

    What about Paul made him the mad Tsar? To be frank, I never heard that title ever bestowed on him. If anything, I would have thought it was... er, Ivan the Terrible or something.

  5. Tsar-Martyr Paul I

    “And our Sovereign who reposed in God, Emperor Paul Petrovich, so loved the holy Church, so worshipped its holy rules, and did so much for its benefit, that not many Russian Tsars served God’s Church as he did…”
    (St. Seraphim of Sarov)

    For the rest of the article on the tsar-martyr Paul I:

    God bless!

  6. Thanks for the link, I had read that article before but neglected to bookmark it.


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