Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mad Motivation


  1. Ah, yes. I always liked him. Quite a heavy-handed man.
    Wasn't he the one who lifted a carriage during a road accident?

  2. Not sure about that but he did lift the top half of a railway car when it was about to collapse on his family. He was also known for twisting fire pokers into odd shapes and holding his wife in one hand and sister-in-law in the other, at arm's length, and lifting them up to eye level. He was a VERY strong, big man. However, he was also a very devoted family man, beloved by the children (the first Romanov in ages who didn't have a mistress) and he was also quite musical.

  3. He was an great tsar and a great enemy of the communist, may he rest in peace.

    By the way do you have an profile about him?


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