Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Update

Your humble blogger of questionable sanity has been down with a bad attack of the allergy demons. I went to see Doctor "Klingenberg" and got a bunch of super-steroids that are supposed to take care of it and get me at least back up to my normal level of misery. In the meantime, I hope readers will enjoy some pre-written material, taken from some of my past websites. Being mostly historical I don't think they will seem dated, but I hope they will do until I can get back to the normal routine.

Thanks for all your support, we are now at over 80 members and over 250 subscribers!


  1. Oh, best wishes for a swift recovery! Allergies are always rough.

  2. Hope you feel better soon & thank God for your Blog !!

    HRH The Infanta Margarita of Spain, 1st Duchess of Soria & of Hernani is 70 on March 6th,can we have a post on the younger & blind sister of King Juan Carlos ?

  3. Thanks, I've never had a bout this bad before, but my right-hand man "Teapot" is coming down from the northern base to aid in my recovery for a few days. Glad you like the Blog Prince Regent -makes me feel a little better right there- I'd like to do post on the Infanta, her birthday would be a good occasion, but knowing the failings of my damaged mind you might have to remind me again before the day is upon us.

  4. I shoudl also hooe for you to have a Swuft Recofery, and you iwll be in my Prayers. Though I must sy, even you allergies are Mad! Most have the common decency to wait till Spring or Summer to act up, not the Dead of Winter!

  5. I'll remind you in early March MadMonarchist.

    The Infanta Margarita is one of the few royals with a disbility & she carries out quite a lot of royal duties .

  6. Boy oh Boy I am so embarrassed it turns out HRH The Infanta Margarita of Spain turned 70 in March 2009 ...whoops


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